Indie Music - The Brave Rainforest?

Chill-out Music
As with any new development, you will find there's ton of speculation regarding the emergence of the Indie marketplace for new music. Of course, nobody knows with 100% certainty, but if history is a good indicator, then much of the speculation will turn out to be wrong 5 years in the future when we look back.

Chill-out Music
As i am among those who speculate, I've no special powers of seeing the long run so there are no guarantees that we will be correct. Luckily, few will remember people who were wrong of their prognostications. In fact, few will remember people that were correct once we will have all managed to move on to something more compelling by that time. It will no more matter unless we are actually historians. I have no real interest in looking back to say whether I had been right or wrong. But, I actually do have an interest in the music industry.

First, I believe you should understand the forces which exist. Most understand the power of money and influence with this business of music, in order that it really makes sense for us to give consideration to it. That is certainly, money and influence will continue a factor. However, there's a new force in the city that will change the overall composition of the previous infrastructure.

As we all know, the big difference could be the emergence of mass communication, new digital media and resulting file sharing capabilities. Today, an individual has the potential to reach because as the big guys. Please note that I say "potential". Having a great product, or even in the case of a songwriter, an excellent song, does not mean that everybody will hear it. The newest model is continuously shifting around under our feet once we explore ways to have our music heard.

The top names in music keep having an advantage despite the shifting landscape. Songwriters and bands that have a huge following have name recognition in order that they are able to step outside the traditional box and carry a lot of existing power and influence together. We have all heard about Radiohead's grand experiment and we all know that it assisted them. In case you do not know, Radiohead decided to split making use of their label and produce an impartial CD. They offered it online and only asked visitors to donate what they believed it turned out worth. Folks responded by donating money. Why made it happen work? It worked because we already knew them. In addition, it worked because a lot of the traditional system infrastructure ended up removed and the returns were greatly improved consequently. However, it is only fair to express that the recognition of the trademark Radiohead was originally thanks to the traditional infrastructure from the old music business.

The thing is, let's not move too fast in our assumption that it will work for us. Many people do not have the name recognition of Radiohead. Therefore, we've less probability to be successful without some form of assistance. The important publishers and labels also continue to have an advantage. Their advantage remains deep pockets that they may obtain helpful promotions, etc. They also have huge networks of "partners" who may have faith in their power to make lucrative deals. Corporate sponsors, advertisers, and distributors continuously see less risk together with the existing larger organizations with established track records. It will take years for brand new players in this market to emerge. That is, a brand new online label or publisher will have to demonstrate some success before having the credibility to succeed in the traditional system. This system can also be changing, but it will not change overnight. I believe that it is somewhat naive to visualize that the new players will not likely change in the process. That is, they will begin to resemble the old players as the old players start to resemble the new players.

Meanwhile, we see an occasional breakout of Indie artists that give us "little guys" hope for the future of our own music. Ingrid Michaelson is the best example of Indie success i know, if you consider that she was previously unknown. The label of Indie artist has many definitions, so we should be careful to understand the differences between an artist who is considered an Indie artist since they're not considered mainstream, plus an Indie artist who is truly independent regarding their availability of resources. Actually, I am not sure of any artist that is certainly both successful and truly independent. Having some success generally requires a performer to receive assistance somewhere on the way. It is difficult to know the cause of the assistance since it is less likely to be publicized, however contend that the assistance exists nonetheless. Regarding Ingrid Michaelson, she was very fortunate to have her song played by using an "Old Navy" commercial. How did this happen? I'm not sure with 100% certainty, however doubt that it was only Ingrid. I suspect that she had some assistance throughout the entire process. As a possible engineer, I also are aware that a complex, dynamic system including the music market comprising the general public and the record companies is very difficult to predict. There are numerous variables, and again, you can find forces that must be considered.

Therefore, what will the future appear like? I believe there will be a gathering somewhere in the middle relating to the remaining traditional music models and also the ideal model of Indie music produced "by the folks for the people". We are already going to a shift in the strategies of the big guys to use the Internet to their own advantage. This should actually be expected. While some men and women will continue to rage from the power of capital, money will eventually find a place despite any idealistic notions to the contrary. It just makes sense that capital is really a force that must be given due consideration. Otherwise, we'd have seen individuals making their unique brand of automobiles. Certain industries are much more capital intensive, like the automobile industry, however the analogy is valid. There are numerous industries that will alternation in these uncertain times, however the collective aspect of getting excellent products to market will continue to be in place.

While capital can help produce flashy, excellent products, there is a growing taste for something different and exciting. So many people are growing tired of formulaic music. We have been now hearing new sounds and rhythms that provides us new sensations. Unfortunately to the big guys, they've got put most of their eggs into the basket of supporting the standard styles that have been repackaged. Indeed, there seems to be little regard for our taste as listeners. This may also change, but it'll also be very slow. The majority of the labels have completely eliminated their earlier practice of developing new artists. It is now shifted to something of "cherry picking" among the upcoming artists who are starting to show signs of independent success. So, the Indie artists are now given a choice at some stage in their career. Do they wish to continue as so-called independents or do they wish to have a larger sponsor that can help them on a bigger scale?

The divide that exists involving the Indie artist and also the signed artist is large until you consider some of the newly emerging systems for providing assistance. That is certainly, the divide will be filled by a number of people who will provide some sort of assistance. You can now look for a multitude of services online that can help you as an artist. These types of services are provided for a small fee. Of course, as with any new market, you will have a period of excitement as a result of valid perception of new opportunity. You'll also have the inevitable "overshoot" that occurs. Systems tend to are employed in cycles and this new infrastructure will not be any different. That is, the availability of services goes beyond the actual demand which will result in a pendulum swing within the opposite direction at some point in the long run.

The services that survive will likely be those services which have something to show for the associated cost. That's, services that have something to provide will continue to flourish while other services will eventually disappear. This is already becoming somewhat apparent, however i believe it will take a few years to really shake out. It really is interesting to me that the one element that is really missing in the center ground between 100% independent artists and 100% dependent artists is money. Eventually, someone should be aware that money is the missing link on two separate levels. First of all, on a personal level, cash is needed for artists to survive. Having services available is of little use to individuals who have little money to buy their own careers. Secondly, on a business level, there's a need for more than an internet presence to actually provide services to artists. Which is, capital is needed to have some thing than a website. Indie labels are perfect examples of capital intensive services that can be offered to assist a painter. This much should be clear. However, lots of the other services also require equipment not just a computer. Finally, there is a need for many of the services to get a ground game. By way of example, there is a big difference between building a website and having the opportunity to actually show up face-to-face to adequately represent a designer.

I believe these voids could eventually be filled by enterprising music entrepreneurs. However, I have faith that more emphasis must be placed on money and the ground game before it's going to begin to really be the better choice. Finally, I believe that seed money should become available for promising artists. That is certainly, an artist who has sufficient music collateral must have more options available in their mind for growing their career along with their earning potential. In these times, investment money is becoming difficult to find. However, traditional investments might not be as attractive even as we move forward in this brave new world. Most of us remember when companies listed on the list of Dow Industrials had very little chance of failure. This is no longer true within the global economy that exists today. So, why not create a fund in which at least a portion of the money could be invested in the career of promising artists? This type of fund could also provide you with the means by which artists may purchase their own future.

Another model would involve keep on investing providing seed money to pick out individual artists for a return on their investment. Of course, the arrangement should be contractual for it to work. Guess what? This already exists as publishers and labels. However, you will have a new demand for funding on this middle ground between unknown artists and stardom. This funding, I really believe, will be needed to help bridge the space between the availability of services and the need for assistance.

Needless to say, there is the model of pure public opinion when the better music bubbles to the peak as more people listen around the social networks. I believe there exists some validity to this model but it also isn't perfect given the multitude of uploads from which to choose. The odds will continue to decline fat loss people attempt to break out by way of the internet. The pioneers of the medium had a far better chance as there was much less competition. It should be clear that the numbers have grown to the point of making the job of gaining recognition just like difficult as ahead of the internet. Just like the services, the performers must also have a ground game. That is certainly, artists must be available to perform with regularity rather than depend solely with an internet presence.

In closing, I would love to claim that a great song can create enough energy to interrupt out by virtue of it's own merits, but I believe that would be the idealist that still lingers from my youth, wanting good to win out irrespective of the way our system operates. Unfortunately, In my opinion our society is too dependent on the flow of money to allow more than a fraction of your percent in the way of lucky breaks to disregard the odds. In the meantime, I would not recommend throwing money away so that they can build a music career. Rather, I think it makes sense for artists to develop relationships while still build a catalog of training. We all understand the price of a network of fellow artists, it makes sense for artists to create relationships over time with those involved with the business of music.